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Dragonslayer Chevy LS Series Forged 4340 Crankshaft
Gen III/IV, 4.00″ stroke, 24 tooth Reluctor wheel, 2.100″ pin, 2.559″ mains

Part Number CAAPO31T-DS-24

  • Average Weight for 4.000 in. Stroke Balanced to 1750g Bob. = 48 lbs.
  • DragonSlayer LS1’s are Sold Rough Balanced to 1700g Bob.
  • Gun Drilled Mains
  • All Rod Journals Lightened
  • Dual Linear Post Keyways
  • Heat Treatment = Perma Case Deep Nitride
  • 24 Tooth Reluctor Installed

Gen II/IV LS1 DragonSlayer crankshafts are available in either 4.000 or 3.625 strokes with 2.100 rod journals. Our LS1 crankshafts are machined from premium 4340 forgings. Each Callies LS1 features PERMA-TOUGH heat treating for added strength and serviceability. DragonSlayer LS1 crankshafts are sold with gun drilled mains and Angalite drilled rod journals.


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