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Magnum Chev LS Series Forged 4340 Crankshaft
4.00″ stroke, Billet 58 tooth Reluctor wheel, 2.100″ pin, 2.559″ mains

Part Number CAAPO31T-MG-58B

After years of service, Magnum crankshafts by Callies have established themselves as one of the most durable competition crankshafts ever produced. Magnum crankshafts are manufactured from ultra pure SAE 4340 steel. Callies then subjects this material to multiple heat treatments, resulting in a crankshaft with unsurpassed wear and strength characteristics. All Magnum cranks feature Callies Ultra-Case heat treatment.

Each Magnum crank will have gun drilled mains and fully profiled counterweights, regardless of engine type. A typical 4.000″ stroke Small Block Chevy will weigh less than 48 pounds. Magnum crankshafts are available for a variety of engine types and can be manufactured to your specific configuration.

Many crankshafts are counterweighted to offset simple balance forces detected at main bearings 1 and 5 by today’s precision balancers. Callies Magnum Mass Correct counterweights have been strategically placed to reduce imbalance forces over the entire length of the shaft. The result is a crankshaft exhibiting superior bearing life and minimal wear.

Material distribution over the rod journal arms and critical strength generating regions of Magnum crankshafts has been enhanced as well. These slight design changes improve the strength to weight ratio, ensuring each Magnum crankshaft will have an extended fatigue resistant life.


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