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Harrop has expanded its existing range of Australian engineered and manufactured Supercharger Kits to include the largest, most-efficient rotating group ever produced by Eaton, the TVS2650. As a master distributor of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products, Harrop is proud to release the first Australian Supercharger system featuring TVS2650 technology to suit LS3, LS7 and LSA port shape engine combinations.

Harrop FDFI Superchargers feature extensive upgrades to the cooling system, to ensure optimum thermal efficiency with the inclusion of twin pass intercooler cores in the manifold integrated with a front mount radiator and high flow Bosch intercooler pump. The improved intercooler system provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to unleash the performance potential of the late model LS engine family. 

The TVS2650 Supercharger Kit is the ideal system for LSA vehicles who are pushing performance beyond the limits of the factory fitted TVS1900 supercharger. Having been extensively tested and developed for over two years using SAE standards, the R2650 is validated to OEM specifications and resets the performance potential for positive displacement supercharger technology. Each unit is then individually tested in-house on a dynamometer to ensure reliability and durability.

LSA US Offset TVS2650 Engine Kit Key Features:

  • Utilising the latest in Eaton TVS technology with 170-degree twist lobes
  • 25 percent more airflow at 18,000 RPM and 14 psi boost than R2300
  • High-efficiency water to air integrated intercooler system
  • Integrated by-pass for improved drivability
  • GM Factory and 102mm Aftermarket throttle body compatible
  • GripTec Supercharger Drive Pulleys available in 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm and 85mm 
  • Offset spacer required to provide necessary clearance to the rear cowl on the 5th Gen Camaro
  • Recommended for 5th Gen Camaro and CTS-V

Price listed is Supply Only. 

Vehicle Applications: ZL1 5th Gen Camaro | CTS-V (with aftermarket hood)


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