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Building on our existing Holden 5L V8 Supercharger program, our engineers have developed a non-intercooled, low profile TVS2300 Supercharger for improved bonnet clearance. The front drive / front inlet design allows for a shorter less restrictive intake path allowing for improved airflow and superior performance with an integrated Supercharger Bypass System to relieve boost under light load conditions. 

This non-intercooled kit is designed to fit under the stock OE Holden bonnet on Holden VP-VS Commodores with the 5L V8 Engine and integrates with the factory airbox, fuel pressure regulator and throttle. 

TVS2300 Supercharger Kit for Holden ‘5.0’ V8 engines includes:


  • Supercharger Intake Manifold including MAP sensor and Fuel Rails
  • Harrop TVS2300 FDFI Supercharger with  LH inlet cover
  • 8PK FEAD Idler Bracket including automatic tensioner, Crank Pulley, Alternator Pulley, Water-pump Pulley and Supercharger Drive Belt
  • Supplied with Ø90mm Supercharger pulley


Available options include:

  • Injectors


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