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Building off our range of TVS Superchargers for the Toyota engine family, our engineers have designed and developed a TVS1900 Supercharger Kit to unleash the Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0L Dual VVT-i V6 Engine found in the Toyota FJ Cruiser (2010 onwards). This Supercharger features a front drive/front inlet design for a shorter, less restrictive intake path and has an integrated bypass system which relieves boost under light load conditions, reducing drive loss and improving fuel economy.

Our 1GR-FE Supercharger manifold features an integrated high density intercooler as part of the efficient water to air intercooler system featuring a 27mm thick front mount heat exchanger, electric pump and reservoir.  Like all Harrop products our TVS1900 1GR-FE Supercharger is expertly assembled by qualified Supercharger technicians to ISO9001 quality standards, before being individually tested in-house on a dynamometer to ensure reliability and durability.

Key Features and Kit Components:

  • Eaton TVS1900 Supercharger Technology
  • 35% increase in Power and Torque | 7PSI boost and Ø80mm drive pulley
  • Supercharger intake manifold including charge-air intercooler
  • Supercharger idler brackets, pulleys and belts included in kit
  • Plug in wiring looms for all necessary engine sensors are supplied in kit
  • Front-mount intercooler radiator, Electric Intercooler pump, Coolant Reservoir and moulded hoses
  • Interfaces with OE throttle body including, FEAD and Air-box.
  • Retains all factory ancillaries including A/C, Viscous engine fan, Power Steering, etc.
  • Detailed installation instructions supplied with kit


  • Toyota FJ Cruiser (2010-Onwards)
  • 1GR-FE 4.0L Dual VVT-i V6


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