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Compstar 4340 Forged Crankshaft 3.625″ Stroke, 8 Counterweight
Suit GM LS

Part Number CAAPH31Q-CS-58

Compstar components were introduced in 2004 as a product line designed to meet and exceed the requirements of today’s racer at a sensible price point. Callies’ value driven < approach is to design and en gineer here in the U.S., then source through long term vendors, supported by our engineers, giving us distinct technical and quality advantages. This coupled with our American craftsmen, that finish the components at our facility in Fostoria, Ohio, create a combination that is considerably more robust and stable than our competitors. We are not just an importer of product, we are a manufacturer that wants to bring products to our customers at all price points.

Compstar Step by Step:

  • Compstar crankshafts begin their life overseas where they are forged using Callies owned dies. Not generic forging that other manufacturers use. You can be confident that you’re getting our product by the triangle shaped notch in one of the counterweights.
  • The 4340 steel forgings are semi-finished, machined off-shore, then shipped to Callies to be finished.
  • All Compstar components are 100% Mag Particle inspected to verify there are no cracks or inclusions in the material. Additionally, our in house metallurgical laboratory verifies  material and heat treatment to ensure it meets Callies engineering and quality requirements.
  • 100% of our Compstar crankshafts are finish sized and polished by American craftsmen, ensuring proper fitment and widths. Additional items checked are runout, bolt holes and oil holes.
  • Every crank then goes through our stringent Quality Control final check, guaranteeing your Compstar Engine Component is ready to race.


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