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NEW! – M14 x 1/2″ inch diameter

These head stud kits feature premium grade ARP 2000 material ( Not 8740 material as all previous kits ) that is rated at 220000 psi tensile strength.

This kit includes a set of fourteen ARP2000® M14 X 1/2” dia conversion head studs that replace the original M12 bolts, fourteen parallel ground washers, fourteen 8740 chrome moly steel 12 point nuts and a 1/2 oz. pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

All Pro Series ARP2000® studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining,and are nominally rated at 220,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 35% increase in tensile strength over the OEM head bolts.

8740 material has a 190,000 psi


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