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Hand crafted on the Gold Coast by a fabricator who also happens to be wizard.

The team from Steadfast Garage have helped build some of the top performing drag cars in Australia, so they know what’s what when it comes to fabricating an effective exhaust manifold.

These high mount, steam pipe manifolds have been designed specifically to help reduce boost creep/spike that is quite common with other Barra aftermarket manifolds. The longer runners that come with the pro-mod design allows for the wastegate port to be optimally positioned for maximum flow. Other manifolds on the market have the wastegate port positioned on a 90 degree angle to the flow of exhaust gas, which can become restrictive, often leading to boost control issues.

Because of this, each manifold is made to suit a Turbosmart WG50 50mm wastegate, which provides plenty of flow and boost control. Upon special request, we can have the manifolds made with a different wastegate flange (please contact us prior to purchasing).

All manifolds are painted with heat-proof paint to prevent rust and corrosion.

This manifold can be manufactured to either of the following specifications:

  • V-Band to suit GTX35 or G35 turbochargers
  • V-Band to suit GTX42 or G42 turbochargers

The above mentioned turbochargers have different sized V-Band flanges, so please select the correct turbocharger flange from the drop-down menu.

Kit Includes 

  • Turbo Manifold
  • Nuts, Studs, Bolts

Manufacturing Time:


Please get in contact with us if you are needing one ASAP, we will see what magic we can work!