Ideal for high horsepower street & strip applications when smooth engagement and comfortable pedal effort is required.
Supplied as a match set which includes:

– Billet steel flywheel
– Billet steel intermediate plate cross-drilled with insulated lug drive, which dampens noise experienced on disengagement.
– Flywheel side clutch disk with male hub, which drives the secondary gear-box side disk.
– Anti-burst pressure plate
– UF91 coppermix linings on flywheel on gearbox side
– Carbotic 6 button flywheel side disk
– All relevant hardware for installation


Type: Twin Plate
Clutch Plate Dimension: 11X1 1/8X26T
Dual Mass Flywheel: N/A
Solid Flywheel: Included
Concentric Slave Cylinder: Included
Maximum Measured Dyno Figures at the Wheels: 1000 RWHP
Spigot: Included
Aligning Tool: Included


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