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Multiple Spark Coil Kit – Black
Suit GM LS2/LS7 (Set Of 8)


MSDs engineering team have been working diligently the past year to improve our Multiple Spark Coils for the GM LS-engine platform. The new coils fit in place of the OEM coils yet are capable of delivering higher spark energy to the plugs, topped with multiple sparks at idle rpm. Increased spark energy and voltage, along with multiple spark capabilities, help improve the combustion process of the fuel mixture to create an efficient burn. This results in improved throttle response, smooth idle and quick starts, plus increased high rpm performance!

Coil Specifications:

Turns Ratio: 52:1
Primary Resistance: .49 ohms
Secondary Resistance: 2.3K ohms
Inductance: 3 mH
Maximium Voltage: 44,000 Volts
Peak Current: 210 mA
Spark Duration: 900 uS


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