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Part: HO300-120

Suit Dual 4160 Carburetors


The Holley GM LS1/LS2/LS6 2x4V dual-plane was designed in the tradition of the great dual Holley 4160 induction systems that competed on drag strips, in Trans-Am and at Lemans in the 1960’s.

The technology of the LS pushrod engine is now mated with the intake.
The dual-plane equal-distribution layout produces great mid-range torque without compromising top end power.

The LS engine architecture does not utilize an intake mounted water neck or distributor so it’s perfect for two Holley carburetor.

  • Carbureted and EFI versions available
  • Power band from 1500-7000 rpm
  • Appropriate for any street/performance, muscle car, or street rod enthusiast
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Intended for use on all GM LS Gen III engines equipped with LS1/LS2 style cathedral port cylinder heads
  • Carb Flange Center-To-Center: 8-5/8”


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