Introducing the Barra High Volume + Oil Pump manufactured in collaboration with High-speed Engineering. This cutting-edge solution promises to redefine performance standards in the Ford Barra industry, offering unparalleled quality.

The High Volume + pumps boast 15% thicker gears, making them the ideal choice for applications exceeding factory RPM limits. Building upon the initial design, these pumps feature internally opened relief ports, ensuring optimal oil flow even when not required, catering to all Barra engine builds.

Key features include:

  • Precision-crafted billet housing for superior durability
  • Elimination of sharp internal corners to prevent cavitation
  • Micro-fine polished gear sets made from high-grade, heat-treated billet steel
  • Robust billet steel backing plate for added strength

These pumps are fully 5-axis machined in Australia, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship and performance.



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