At No Prep Performance we know how annoying it is having to wait for an engine to be built so we decided to do off the shelf exchange long and short engines! With packages from 1000hp up to 2000hp + these are the perfect choice for your street or race car!

Parts included:

Nitto I Beam Rods

Nitto Forged Pistons (choice of comp and size)

ACL Race bearings

Torrington roller thrust

Complete billet oil pump

ARP main studs

NPR Billet girdle

Kelford camshafts (your choice)

Kelford valve springs and retainers

Stainless valve upgrade

Fire rings and copper head gasket

Optitorque head studs

NPR heavy duty timing set

1/2 Grout fill block

Machine work and assembly:

Hot tank and acid wash Block

Torque Plate Bore and Hone Block

Surface Deck and Machine block

Remove / Reinstall New Welch Plugs

Measure & Linish Crankshaft

Regrind Crank to Size

Check Tunnels Bore and Line Hone

Mount and Measure Crankshaft Main Journals

Mount and Measure Crankshaft Big End Journals

Mount and Measure Crankshaft in block with rods fitted

Check Conrod small ends / piston pins and clearance

Balance Assembly

Install 1-6 Rods and Pistons – Check Deck Alignment

Clean and Inspect

Set Ring Gaps

Machine for Torrington thrust

Machine receiver grooves for fire rings

Machine and prepare head

Install camshafts

Fit heavy duty timing set

Assemble long engine assembly – 6 Cylinder

Paint Block

Optional extras:


 Ported Head $1800

Turbo and Intake kit $5000

Please email us before purchasing to discuss options info@noprepperformance.com


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