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Pro Shot Fogger Nitrous Kit

150-500+ Horsepower

Part Number NOS02462

The Pro Shot Fogger utilizes patented Fogger2 Nozzle technology for excellent combustion, distribution and adjustability, allowing each cylinder to be injected with a precise cool, dense fuel laden nitrous “fog” mixture.

Featuring Super Pro Shot solenoids, power levels may be adjusted from 150 HP, to well above 500 extra HP. The pro Shot Fogger system is designed primarily for highly modified V8 engines built with race quality components.

The Pro Shot Fogger system includes a 10-lb. capacity nitrous bottle, Super Pro Shot nitrous and Cheater fuel solenoids, Fogger2 nozzles, jetting from 250 to 450 extra HP, aircraft quality steel braided hose and all other necessary electrical and mounting hardware for a complete installation.


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