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Mopar 426 Hemi Cast Iron Engine Block
4.500″ Unfinished Bore

Part Number MP5160208AA

It’s back! Without steady and reliable access to a Gen II cast iron 426 Hemi in over a decade car enthusiasts and sportsman racer’s have been left to source scrapyards, market places and garages to create a workable and affordable solution. Energy Manufacturing Ltd. (Energy), Callies Performance Products (Callies) has a new licensing deal with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA group) to allow you to tap into this legendary platform on demand at an affordable price.

Included with block: Block Plug Kit, Camshaft Bearings (Loose), .040″ Oil Gallery Restrictors (installed), Rear Oil Seal with fasteners.

Block Specifications:
Bore Size: 4.500″ Unfinished
Bore Size (Max): 4.600″
Deck Height: Standard Deck, 10.725″
Deck Thickness: .600″
Camshaft: Standard Stepped Can Tunnel
Camshaft Height: Standard, 5.150″
Camshaft Housing Bore (Max): 60mm Roller Bearing
Lifter Diameter: .905″
Lifter Angle: 45°
Main Cap Fastening: #1-4 Main Cap: (2) 1/2″ Vertical Bolts, (2) 3/8″ Side Bolts, #5 Main Cap: (2) 1/2″ Vertical Bolts


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